The 'Edo Period' was the peaceful period,
the early-17th to mid-19th century in Japan.

Ieyasu Tokugawa started the 'Tokugawa Shogunate' in Edo(present Tokyo).

It was the longest period of governance by 'SAMURAI' in Japanese history, and many Japanese original cultures were born, such as SUMO, SUSHI, TENPURA, and KABUKI. Also the NINJA was active in this period.

Ieyasu Tokugawa also made the system under which feudal lords were required to spend every other year in residence in Edo.

Therefore five main highways were made and connected in Edo to all over Japan, each post-town became prosperous.Citizens also enjoyed travel with walking the highways, and healed tiredness of travel at the 'HATAGO'(travelers inn) in the post-town.

The 'HATAGO' is the origin of 'RYOKAN'.

We are 'RYOKAN',
which is a type of traditional Japanese Inn.

The RYOKAN is Japanese-style accommodation with 'TATAMI' mat rooms and 'FUTON' instead of beds.In the traditional Japanese-style room with 'TOKONOMA' or alcove, with wearing the traditional Japanese loungewear 'YUKATA', and taste the traditional Japanese course dinner 'KAISEKI'.

Soaking in a open-aired hot spring 'ROTEN ONSEN', you feel the very taste of Japan for sure.

Please enjoy Japanese traditional hospitality 'OMOTENASI' at our RYOKAN.

Incidentally, our RYOKAN 'TATSUKI' is located in Aichi Prefecture. That is located in the center of Japan, near from Nagoya city and Toyota city, ideal for Japan tourism.

So please enjoy Japan!